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Our nationwide team specialise in the maintenance, repair and refurbishment of commercial  buildings exterior fixtures and fittings. We also offer a wide variety of Rope Access and Technical Operations for commercial and private clients

Documented Work

Projects are documented photographically to visualise rectification works step by step so clients understand the project fully and any future servicing needs.

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We are able to work outside the above hours by prior agreed appointment. 


As building designs increase in height and our towns and cities become busier and more populated, conventional fixed scaffolding and access methods have become very expensive and disruptive. 

These access methods require local authority permits, road closures and quite often lengthy pre-project planning. A high percentage of projects are now undertaken by rope access teams. Abseiling has progressively become the preferred method to overcome the disruption and expense of utilising conventional access methods.

Within the Technical and Rescue sector Rope Access Technicians are in increasing demand. This is due to the older mountaineering/ climbing qualifications phasing out rescues completely. Also for insurance and liability reasons many production companies are favouring IRATA due to its impeccably high safety record.




Here at Access and Egress we pride ourselves on being as discreet as possible. Regardless if this is working for a 5 star hotel cleaning windows, carrying out maintenance work on the exterior of serviced apartments or for any commercial client. 

We aim to cause minimal disruption for daily operations and are often in, completed the works  and out without occupants or residents being effected. 

We also have a strict AccessNI policy in place should any client require work to be carried out on Government sites or Instillations. 


Unlike other trades we at Access and Egress will give you an accurate arrival time for the team on the day. We also aim to provide a daily update each evening on the work completed that day, if required.

Transparency is key for happy clients, we will be punctual each day and you’ll be the first to told of any challenges in the project that may extend our time onsite. Nobody wants to wait around all day!

With regards to the Technical and Rescue Operations a dedicated team will be placed on that specific job. This means if We are instrumental in the running for the rest of the day or for the job to go ahead you can be assured cover will be in place for the duration.

Our promise

Rope Access

Fast, safe, reliable 

Rope access and abseiling is a safe and practical access solution that allows us to offer our clients the most cost-efficient option to conduct any surveying, maintenance and repair projects.

Our Technicians either hold full IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) certification, ROSPA Module 2 Safe Work at Height, or have years of experience as Rope Rescue Operatives. Our in house Managers are highly experienced in specialist rigging and all are multi-skilled. This allows the specialist teams to conduct and assist in a wide range of projects .

Rescue & Technical Operations 

Expert consulting. Expert cover

At Access and Egress we have experience in Search & Rescue, Swiftwater Rescue, MOD3 Water Rescue, Event Stewarding, Event and Pre-hospital Medicine, Wilderness and Expedition Medicine, Outdoor Guiding, Site specific Risk Assessing, High Risk Confined Space, Powerboat Coxswain, Fire Safety, Search and Technical Rescue Etc. 

We promise to provide you with the best people and the best equipment for the job.

Our team

Access and Egress is a small but highly capable team with each member brining their own expertise to the job. We also have a pool of freelancers available and contacts/ connections in most sectors. 
Meet some of the Key Members below, but please note we have a few yet to add as the business and website grows.

Aaron Elliott 

Rope and Technical Operations Lead.

Having worked in the leisure and industrial sector on high ropes courses, adventure parks and Rope Access since late 2017 Aaron has a broad range of training, qualifications and management experience.

He also has a healthy and extensive mix of qualifications in lifting operations, PPE, confined spaces, FREC3, Boat Coxswain,  event stewarding, MOD3 Water Rescue etc, Graduate Practitioner from the Institute Of Search And Technical Rescue etc.

On top of this he holds a Level 3 AET teaching qualification and a Diploma in Outdoor Physical Education. This allows the team to be kept trained and component in-house for a variety of skills.

Having also volunteered with Search and Rescue for almost 8 years, this has given Aaron fantastic opportunities to develop his interpersonal skills.





Enhanced AccessNI clearance 


Matthew Warke

Paramedic and Team Technician  

Matt is our team Paramedic who has recently graduated from university/ WMAS. He has almost 5 years experience as a frontline healthcare professional working in a mixed area. Some shifts require him to deal with busy cities and other shifts will see him working in remote, rural or agricultural areas. 

Matthew also previously studied Marine Biology and graduated from Ulster University. This unique combination means he is no stranger to delivering care or operating in the outdoors, in challenging weather or on the water. Matthew holds a wide range of qualifications as he too has search and rescue experience of 10 years, powerboat qualification, and large open air event stewarding experience.

Matthew is currently working primarily as a Paramedic in a remote section of the Glens. So again naturally this means he performs well under pressure, with limited resources and often no additional backup.



Enhanced AccessNI clearance

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